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Are silicone potting compounds toxic? Should I take precautions against toxicity?


Are silicone potting compounds toxic? Should I take precautions against toxicity?

When using adhesives, we are most afraid of releasing toxicity, which will pollute the environment and harm our bodies. Through the continuous improvement of relevant technology, the environmentally friendly type of silicone potting adhesive has replaced the traditional product, which is safer and more durable, without safety risks.

Are silicone potting adhesives toxic?

Normally, environmentally friendly adhesives are not toxic and are not dangerous. They are made from raw materials with a high level of environmental protection and hardly release any toxic gases, and have no pungent smell. Some adhesives may have some smell during use. As long as it is not particularly pungent and good ventilation is maintained, there is hardly any problem. Once the smell is too strong, there is a possibility that the level of toxic substances is excessive and should not be used if possible.

Should I take precautions against toxicity?

For a good quality silicone potting compound, it should be non-toxic and odorless. Some products incorporate amine curing agents, which may produce some toxicity. During the selection process, distinguish clearly between low-toxic, toxic, and highly toxic products, and choose a safe and environmentally friendly adhesive that does not leave safety hazards.

Choose a quality product and keep the toxic ones out of the door. During the pouring process, wear protective gloves and glasses, and try not to come into direct contact with the adhesive to avoid health effects. Besides, it is important to maintain good ventilation when pouring. Better ventilation will help the smell of the adhesive to escape and will not affect the health of the workers.

Nowadays, there are different brands of adhesives on the market and users need to choose a trustworthy brand. Such brands have full influence and have the strength to produce healthy and environmentally friendly products. They do not use toxic raw materials to reduce the cost of inputs, and they do not cheat consumers.

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