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What can be used to clean potting adhesives? Is it corrosive to the substrate?


What can be used to clean potting adhesives? Is it corrosive to the substrate?

Potting glue belongs to a kind of adhesive performance, this glue after curing can also achieve shockproof, moisture-proof, insulation, thermal conductivity, sealing, and other kinds of electrical required performance, potting glue used in the production of electrical appliances, can strengthen the use of electrical safety, not easy to enter the water, long-term protection of electrical components, the use of safe and environmentally friendly.

What should I do if I make a mistake in the construction of a potting compound? What can I use to clean it?

If a potting adhesive is found to have been incorrectly applied, it can be easily removed before the adhesive has cured, and the residual adhesive on the substrate can be cleaned with alcohol or acetone. If it has been completely cured, if you want to remove the clean is more difficult, currently, only silicone potting glue can be broken clean, epoxy resin potting glue once cured is difficult to disassemble, belong to the disposable products.

Are alcohol and acetone corrosive to the substrate?

Although acetone is a chemical substance, it has no effect on the substrate and will not corrode the surface of the substrate, and the same applies to alcohol. The user can use these two substances to clean the glue with confidence.

Why is acetone not corrosive?

Acetone can clean the surface of the circuit board, this material is an organic solvent, also belongs to the water-soluble, in the cleaning process, the boiling point is low, easy to volatilize, although not corrosive to metal, but the rubber surface will have micro-corrosion, this type of material used with caution.

There are many types of potting adhesives, the common types are epoxy resin potting adhesive, silicone potting adhesive, polyurethane potting adhesive. If divided according to components can be divided into the one-component potting adhesive and two-component potting adhesive. The construction method of two-component potting adhesives is similar, while the construction of one-component potting adhesives is very simple, directly applied to the surface of the substrate will occur curing, to complete the bonding and curing purposes.

Potting glue only after fully cured to show the value of use, but there are potting glue even if fully cured, but the performance still failed to achieve the expected results, and even use a time after the performance of the substantial decline, these products should not be purchased.

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