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What are the reasons for using thermal conductive silicone for led? Does this adhesive work well?


What are the reasons for using thermal conductive silicone for led? Does this adhesive work well?

One of the most important concerns when using led lights is the service life. If the service life is not long, it will increase the cost of investment. To prolong the life of the led lamp as much as possible, a special led thermal grease is used to make it perform better in terms of thermal conductivity.

Why use led thermal grease?

For led lights, the main cause of failure is heat dissipation. When heat dissipation is not done properly, it directly leads to the lamp beads being burnt out. To dissipate the heat better when the led lamp is working, you need to use a special led thermal grease. This product uses silicone grease as the main raw material, which greatly improves thermal conductivity. It is a good way to achieve the cooling function and make the led lights work properly.

How does led thermal grease work?

It is a product with low thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity, which is suitable for a wide range of applications. During use, the free degree is low and it can resist high and low temperatures, waterproof and aging. As a product with good thermal conductivity, it is insulating and stable and does not have any corrosive effects.

At what temperature can it be used normally?

Generally speaking, led thermal grease has good resistance to high and low temperatures and can be used in environments from -50 to -240 degrees Celsius without any change in paste form.

Nowadays, the led industry has been using led thermal grease on a large scale, with the escort of this product, even if used continuously for ten hours, the heat can be dissipated normally, effectively extending the service life. To save more energy and cost, it is recommended that the majority of users carefully go shopping. And learn the correct way to apply it, it does not need a long time to cure, and it can play performance after successful application.

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