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How about electronic potting adhesives? What are the main performance characteristics? How do I use it?


The industrial sector is no stranger to electronic potting adhesives, and the chances of using them are high. This adhesive has good performance and can protect electronic components well after thorough curing. With the continuous innovation of electronic potting adhesives, more industries have seen the real value and are using them in large quantities.

What is the performance of electronic potting adhesives?

During use, the electronic potting adhesive can be waterproof, moisture-proof, and corrosion-proof, protecting electronic components closely against heat and external vibrations; it is not corrosive, but can well resist the corrosion of chemical substances so that components will not easily have problems; the temperature resistance is very good, and can work stably in an environment of -60 to 220 degrees.

Besides, the adhesive has good adhesion, can be bonded with a variety of materials, and has high strength, resistance to external influences.

How to use the correct electronic potting adhesive?

1. Before mixing the glue, stir the A agent separately to avoid settling or layering. Then shake agent B evenly and wait for use.

2When mixing, mix the AB agent according to the weight ratio and try not to change it at will.

3Defoaming can be carried out if necessary. Put the well-mixed material into the vacuum container so that the air bubbles are automatically eliminated.

4Pour within the operable time, put it at room temperature to cure. If you want to speed up the curing speed, you can increase the temperature appropriately.

This is the correct procedure for pouring electronic potting glue, follow the step-by-step operation to avoid affecting the later effect. Before the operation, make sure to mix the two groups of materials well. If the small bubbles do not affect the later performance, you can omit the vacuum de-bubbling step. Save some time and complete the overall operation quickly.

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