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Can all potting adhesives be machine-applied? What are the factors related to the construction method?


Can all potting adhesives be machine-applied? What are the factors related to the construction method?

The potting adhesive can achieve good temperature resistance after curing and will not corrode the electrical components and will not affect the human body. This adhesive can be artificially controlled curing time, more convenient construction. In fact, after curing, there are good insulation performance, waterproof performance, and high-temperature resistance, becoming a common adhesive for household and industrial appliances.

Can the potting adhesive be constructed by machine?

There are more types of potting adhesives, different types of construction methods are different, according to the division of components, can be divided into single-component and two-component two, most single-component products can meet the requirements of machine construction, and two-component potting adhesive if you want to use the machine construction, you need to understand the type and characteristics of the adhesive, not blindly construction.

What factors are related to the construction method of potting adhesive?

The construction method of potting adhesive is related to the type of adhesive, according to the type of raw materials, can be divided into silicone potting adhesive and polyurethane potting adhesive, epoxy potting adhesive, and other types, among them, silicone potting adhesive can be cured at room temperature or heated curing, in the construction of both manual construction, can also meet the machine construction conditions.

Although polyurethane potting adhesive does not need to be heated to complete curing, poor permeability, the applicable period is relatively short, in the construction of a small amount of more convenient manual construction, if it is a large number of large machines need to be on the construction, more convenient. The epoxy potting adhesive is used in large quantities, widely used, in the construction of both manual construction can also be machine construction, more convenient.

The main role of potting glue is to strengthen the performance of electrical components, improve the practicality of the product, to avoid direct leakage of electrical components outside, different types of potting glue have different areas of use, choose the right product to achieve the potting requirements.

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