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Why do electrical appliances need to be potted with electronic potting adhesives? What are the benefits?


Why do electrical appliances need to be potted with electronic potting adhesives? What are the benefits?

With the improvement of technology, electronic or electrical industry technology is increasingly mature, the performance of the continuous improvement, most appliances in the production process will be used to electronic potting adhesive, electronic potting adhesive belongs to the adhesive class, what are the uses?

What is the use of electronic potting adhesive?

1, the electronic potting adhesive used in electrical appliances, because after curing the gel for soft gel, can resist mechanical shock, but also resistant to moisture intrusion. Effective protection of electronic components in the use of the process of safety, improve service life.

2After curing, the electronic potting adhesive can achieve corrosion resistance and aging resistance, which can effectively improve the reliability of electrical components working in harsh environments.

3Electronic potting adhesive has good adhesive strength after curing, can fill both around the components, but also adhesive electrical components to prevent moisture, salt spray on the circuit corrosion. Some household washing machines, outside the cabin of the ship and dishwasher, are to be potted.

4, electronic potting glue can be used in the wire plug, plugboard, to prevent corrosion of the solder joints, fracture, improve service life, general industrial cable plug seat must be potted.

In the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry, silicone potting adhesive and epoxy resin potting adhesive and polyurethane potting adhesive is more common, and silicone potting adhesive can not only artificially control the curing time, after curing when breaking open the gel will not easily pull the electronic components, easy to repair.

Electronic potting glue operation in the electrical appliances, invisible increase a layer of protective film, the electronic components effectively protected, but when buying need to pay attention to, must buy environmentally friendly products, to protect will not corrode the electrical components, no impact on human health.

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