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How do I store my black potting compound? Are there any matters that need attention?


How do I store my black potting compound? Are there any matters that need attention?

There are many types of potting adhesives, which can be divided according to the raw material composition, but also according to the color. The properties of black potting adhesives are slightly different from those of transparent potting adhesives, but other properties and methods of operation are the same as those of white and grey potting adhesives.

How to store the black potting adhesive?

1Black potting adhesive is a two-component potting adhesive. When stored, the two AB raw materials need to be stored separately, the storage environment adhering to ventilation, dry. If the environment is too humid, a large amount of moisture will easily enter the unopened raw materials, resulting in changes in the performance of the glue.

2, the storage environment also needs to pay attention to environmental health, the glue is neatly placed, easy to pick up. Careful handling of large-size packaging drums to prevent leakage.

3, black potting adhesive storage stage by ordinary chemicals can be stored, do not need to follow the storage specifications of dangerous goods storage.

4. The shelf life of unopened black potting compound is relatively long, generally 6 months. Once opened, use it up as soon as possible. The unused ones should be sealed with multi-layer plastic film and then tightened to prevent air from entering and causing deterioration of the glue.

5When storing in summer, pay attention to the temperature of the storage warehouse, when the temperature is high, you need to do cooling treatment, the super high temperature of the glue will become soft and affect the use.

6, winter storage needs to pay attention to temperature changes, storage environment temperature below 0 degrees, the need to do temperature treatment, to avoid the loss of adhesive performance because of low temperature, curing affect the bonding strength.

7, black potting adhesive belongs to the adhesive, storage environment needs to be away from fire, warehouse managers can not throw cigarette butts in the warehouse, ignite the open fire.

As long as the black potting adhesive is stored carefully, the performance will remain unchanged during the shelf life.

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