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Is a heat-insulating potting compound the same as a regular potting compound? Is the thermal insulation performance reliable?


Is a heat-insulating potting compound the same as a regular potting compound? Is the thermal insulation performance reliable?

The introduction of heat-insulating potting adhesives to meet the requirements of electrical and electronic manufacturing industries on potting adhesives, with the continuous upgrading of potting adhesives, a variety of potting adhesives into everyone's line of sight, many people do not have a comprehensive understanding of the performance of heat-insulating potting adhesives, the performance is even more questionable.

Is thermal insulation potting adhesive the same as an ordinary potting adhesive?

Heat-insulating potting adhesives are not the same as ordinary potting adhesives but are an upgraded version of ordinary potting adhesives. After curing, it has all the performance characteristics of ordinary potting adhesives, but also strengthens the insulation and thermal insulation properties, providing a more complete performance adhesive for new energy and automotive and electrical manufacturing industries.

Is the performance of the insulation potting adhesive reliable?

Insulation potting adhesive performance is not reliable is categorized in two points, respectively, the partner, the use of the field. Only the purchase of reliable quality, quality assurance products, used in a suitable field to show the performance.

Is it easy to operate a heat-insulating sealant?

Apart from the differences in performance between heat-insulating grouts and ordinary grouts, the method of operation is more or less the same. One-component thermal sealants can be cured by applying directly to the substrate, and after thorough curing, they can achieve adhesive, waterproof, and shockproof properties. The two-component sealant needs to be mixed in a certain proportion, stirred well, and then potted onto a clean substrate surface to await curing, before complete curing the edges can be corrected, and once completely cured the edges need to be mechanically corrected for excess glue. Once thoroughly cured the adhesive has good bonding properties and can also achieve thermal insulation, waterproofing, and bonding.

Heat insulation potting adhesive performance is good, after using this potting adhesive does not need to be all other adhesives, users face many brands, do not know how to buy, you can refer to the reputation, sales, and visibility in the industry, master these in order to buy cost-effective, good quality heat insulation potting adhesive.

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