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How about transparent electronic potting adhesives? Can it be made into other colors?


How about transparent electronic potting adhesives? Can it be made into other colors?

Transparent potting glue belongs to a kind of potting glue because after curing the color presents transparent jelly, so is called transparent potting glue. Transparent potting glue price than other colors potting glue rate is a little higher, there are one-component and two-component points, then the transparent electronic potting glue is good?

The benefits of transparent electronic potting adhesive are as follows.

1, transparent potting glue after curing the gel soft, not easy to yellow, and bonding performance are very good, suitable for use in electrical appliances with rework needs. The shrinkage rate is very low during the construction process and there is no corrosion to the substrate components.

2Transparent potting glue once cured will form a layer of adhesive film, the glue can play waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-proof characteristics. Potting to electrical appliances will not block light refraction, temperature resistance is good, even if there is a slight crack, will not affect the normal use.

Can clear potting compounds be used as other colors?

The obvious difference between transparent potting compounds and black potting compounds is the different color appearance. Secondly, black, grey, and white potting adhesives are molded potting adhesives, while transparent potting adhesives are silicone rubber. The difference between the two is that clear potting compounds are not suitable for heating and curing, whereas other colors can be heated and cured.

Although transparent potting adhesives should not be cured by heating, they can be cured in 3 to 4 hours at room temperature, and after curing, the temperature resistance and bonding performance, moisture resistance, and waterproof performance are approximately the same as other colors. Users buy to understand the product performance needs, so as to buy a suitable potting adhesive.

Although the transparent potting adhesive has better temperature resistance and can be used normally at high temperatures if it is exposed to ultraviolet light for a long time and often in contact with alkaline water, it will directly affect life. Only the correct use can play a better performance.

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