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Is high temperature resistant potting adhesive a two-component product? What are the performance characteristics?


Is high temperature resistant potting adhesive a two-component product? What are the performance characteristics?

Electronic products in the manufacturing process are almost inseparable from the potting adhesive, potting adhesive after curing not only has the performance of bonding, waterproof, insulation, moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistance, and some potting adhesives can achieve high-temperature resistance after curing.

Is high temperature resistant potting adhesive a two-component product?

The common high-temperature potting adhesive is a two-component product, the obvious feature is that after curing the gel soft, after testing can meet the requirements of environmental protection level, safe operation, after curing high and low-temperature performance, but also has excellent electrical insulation properties, can better protect electronic components. However, there are shortcomings, that are not suitable for heating curing.

There is a one-component high temperature resistant potting adhesive on the market, the characteristics of this potting adhesive are easy to operate. The difference with the two-component high-temperature potting adhesive is that after curing, the adhesive is hard, highly transparent, not easy to turn yellow, the adhesive is weather resistant, flame retardant, insulation is good, even in the use of glass, ceramics, metal, and other substrates have strong adhesion.

High temperature resistant potting adhesive use precautions.

Two-component high temperature resistant potting adhesive in the use of the stage of yellowing, cracking is a normal phenomenon, good quality products, such as Cosmo, focus on potting adhesive research, to provide customized potting adhesive application solutions, this product gel yellowing will not affect the performance, the gel will automatically heal after cracking, will not affect the waterproof performance.

The one-component high-temperature resistant potting adhesive is hard after curing, this kind of glue once cracked is difficult to heal, the performance will be significantly reduced. When buying one-component potting adhesive, you can do a small test, each test qualified before buying large quantities.

No matter which component of high-temperature-resistant potting adhesive you buy, first of all, to protect the quality, followed by price, the price is much lower than the market price of the product to buy cautiously, ask whether there is a safety production certificate, whether to meet the environmental requirements, how about after-sales service, etc...


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