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What are the characteristics of high-temperature sealants? What is the temperature resistance?


What are the characteristics of high-temperature sealants? What is the temperature resistance?

The manufacturing industry requires the use of a variety of adhesives, such as sealants. Sealant curing can play a good sealing performance, but also has a good waterproof, moisture-proof, bonding, fixed, and other properties. Some special industries have higher requirements for sealants, especially in terms of high-temperature resistance, when it is necessary to use high-temperature sealants.

What are the characteristics of high-temperature sealant?

1, high-temperature sealant can be used to play acid resistance, corrosion resistance, after the use of sealing and high-temperature performance is more prominent, can be used in a variety of fields, the use of stronger.

2, high-temperature sealant color variety, the main color for the transparent color, red and gray. If users have special needs for the appearance of color, you can contact the manufacturer to customize

3, high-temperature sealant in the highest requirements for the use of conditions, sealing film will not be an external force, high-temperature rupture.

4The sealing effect after use is more outstanding, twice as effective as solid sealing, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

What is the temperature resistance of high-temperature sealant?

The temperature resistance of high-temperature sealant depends on the brand and specifications, some glues can withstand 350 degrees after curing, and some can withstand 1280 degrees. Users need to understand the field of use when buying, according to the need to buy to choose a more suitable high-temperature sealant.

What are the disadvantages of high-temperature sealant?

The disadvantage of high-temperature sealant is the high requirements for the use of substrates, only in the use of smooth, flat, clean substrates to show good bonding performance. If the construction substrate surface has dust, pits, and puddles uneven hard to show performance characteristics.

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