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What is the performance of high-temperature potting adhesive? Can be used with confidence?


What is the performance of high-temperature potting adhesive? Can be used with confidence?

The potting adhesive use field is relatively large, some special areas on the potting adhesive temperature resistance performance requirements, such as some special high-temperature environment used in machinery and equipment, in the manufacturing stage of the potting adhesive high-temperature requirements, if you can not meet the performance requirements, it is easy to have problems, so you can know its importance, the following is to introduce the performance of high temperature potting adhesive aspects.

High-temperature potting adhesive performance in all aspects

1, the obvious advantage of high-temperature potting adhesive after curing is that it can be used in a high-temperature environment, which is comparable to the ordinary potting adhesive. Used at 280 degrees in the environment, the glue will not melt, will not demould, can still play a good protection performance.

2After curing, the high temperature potting adhesive can achieve high-temperature resistance, other properties, and ordinary potting adhesive, such as waterproof, shockproof, moisture-proof, insulation performance, etc.

3, different components of high-temperature potting adhesive after curing performance differences, such as silicone high-temperature potting adhesive after curing, the adhesive film can be self-healing after fracture, the performance remains unchanged. And epoxy resin high-temperature potting adhesive, once the film fracture loss of protection if you want to return to repair the need to replace the substrate components.

Unopened high-temperature potting adhesive can be used safely within the shelf life, once the expiration date requires a small range of performance testing, no problem can be used. If the expiration time is longer, it is not recommended to use, because the performance of such glue after curing does not have any guarantee, and there is no safety guarantee to use in the electrical appliances, and even reduce the quality of electrical appliances.


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