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Is the thermally conductive silicone grease effective? How to use it to achieve better results?


Is the thermally conductive silicone grease effective? How to use it to achieve better results?

As a kind of thermally conductive medium, thermally conductive silicone grease has a good effect and is trusted by users. This adhesive is slightly different from other products and is involved in thermal conductivity in the form of paste. It does not need to be cured thoroughly, which saves operation time.

Is the thermally conductive silicone grease effective?

When using, put the thermally conductive silicone grease between the CPU and the heatsink to fill the pits and pits on the contact surface. After applying it evenly, it can make the CPU work stably and will not shorten the service life due to poor heat dissipation. This extends the usage time and saves a sum of money for users. It is more comfortable to cooperate with a strong supplier who can not only focus on thermal grease research but also provide customized thermal grease application solutions for a wide range of uses

How to operate to achieve better results?

Normally, the operation method of thermal grease is not fixed, there are many ways. You can apply a bean-sized amount of thermal grease in the middle of the contact surface between the heat sink and CPU and smooth it out with a spatula. You can also squeeze the adhesive to fill the air on the contact surface to improve the cooling effect.

Regardless of which application method is used, it is important to remember that the adhesive layer should not be too thick. Some users think that the thicker the layer of adhesive, the better the heat dissipation effect. No, the better the layer of rubber, the more likely it to affect the cooling effect, often counterproductive. In the premise of ensuring uniform application, the thinner the layer of rubber, the better the effect. In this way, you can achieve good results and not spend too much cost, killing two birds with one stone.

Some users buy thermal conductive silicone grease, but do not know how to use it, resulting in waste. There is no uniform method of application, it all depends on the experience of the operator. Slow down the operation as much as possible when you don't have enough experience, and wait until you are skilled before speeding up. Keep a smooth mind and apply it a few more times to get the hang of it, so that the uniform and thin layer of gel can play a better role.

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