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What is the role of the led lamp board coated with thermal conductive silicone grease?


What is the role of the led lamp board coated with thermal conductive silicone grease?

As the current environmental protection and energy-saving lighting tool, the Led light is highly regarded because of its small size and low power consumption, and its industry development is getting better and better, especially in terms of service life. As we all know, led lights are used continuously for more than 10 hours, if the heat dissipation performance is not good, it is easy to burn the light board. Many manufacturers apply thermal conductive silicone grease in the led lamp board to solve the problem, what is its role?

What is the role of thermal grease in the led lamp board

1, led lamp board coated with thermal grease is the main role is to extend the service life, to ensure the safety of led lamp use.

2, because the heat dissipation of led becomes a key issue, and thermal grease has good heat dissipation performance, good quality can be used in any electrical appliances, such as Cosmo, focus on the research of thermal grease, provide customized thermal grease application solutions

After applying thermal grease, will the led light board still be burned?

Led lights need to transfer the heat energy after a long time working, the main way to transfer is through the heat sink, and the heat sink and aluminum substrate through the past screw fixing is difficult to make the two fully contact, there will be a gap in the middle, only to fill these gaps fully, to increase the contact surface, improve the heat flow, to reduce the thermal resistance. Therefore, after applying thermal grease to the led light board, there is no problem of heat accumulation and burning of the light board.

However, the main heat dissipation performance or heat sink, and thermal grease as a gap-filling material, the better the thermal conductivity, the more heat exported, the stage of purchase need to recognize the big brand or good reputation of the product use more secure.

Led lamp board coated with thermal grease has become the industry norm, users in addition to the purchase of thermal grease also need to compare the price but also need to compare the scope of use, not all brands of thermal grease can be used in the led lamp board.

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