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What kinds of potting adhesives are available in the market? What are the different characteristics of each?


What kinds of potting adhesives are available in the market? What are the different characteristics of each?

As an important material for bonding electronic components, potting adhesive plays a vital role. After condensation, the potting glue can not only bond, seal, etc. but also be able to pot and coating protection, so it can be said that the potting glue plays an irreplaceable role in electronic products. So, what kinds of potting adhesives are there? What are the different characteristics of these types of potting adhesives?

Epoxy resin potting adhesive

Epoxy resin potting adhesive is generally applicable to the scenario of LED, transformers, regulators, and various other non-precision electronic devices. This environment does not have high requirements for potting adhesives, and epoxy resin potting adhesives are favored because of their good insulating properties and also good bonding power. However, the epoxy potting adhesive also has the inevitable disadvantage of poor resistance to cold and heat changes, which makes the use of epoxy potting adhesive products often do not have the advantage of replacement parts.

Polyurethane Potting Adhesive

In some electronic components that do not easily generate heat, such as transformers, coils, inductors, circuit boards, LEDs, etc. in the potting, people generally use polyurethane potting adhesive. The advantage of polyurethane potting adhesive is that it can maintain normal performance in a low-temperature environment, besides, the waterproof and moisture-proof performance of polyurethane potting adhesive as well as insulation performance can stand the test. This quality can be trusted, not only to focus on foam research but also to provide customized foam application solutions

Silicone potting adhesives

Silicone potting adhesives have very good bonding properties and offer amazing bonding capabilities compared to epoxy and polyurethane potting adhesives. Besides, silicone potting adhesives have good insulation properties in the potting of electronic components, which can protect the service life of electronic components.

Different potting adhesives are used for different scenarios, but no matter which potting adhesive is used, quality assurance is required. Good potting adhesive quality can extend the life of electronic components, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate potting adhesive.

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