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Does fast potting adhesive need to be heated? What are its characteristics?


Does fast potting adhesive need to be heated? What are its characteristics?

There are many types of potting adhesives, which can be divided according to components, raw materials, and potting speed. Fast potting adhesive, as one of them, can also be divided into two types: one-component and two-component. The general potting adhesive can be cured by heating, but does the fast potting adhesive need to be cured by heating?

Do fast potting adhesives need to be cured by heat?

No, it is not necessary. The fast curing speed of fast potting adhesive can not be compared with ordinary potting adhesive. If you want to achieve fast curing, you need to do the heating treatment so that it can be cured as soon as possible. Unlike the heating potting adhesive, it can be cured quickly without heating, which is a prominent performance and favored by many fields.

What is the role of fast potting adhesive?

The role of fast potting adhesive is similar to the role of ordinary potting adhesive, which can strengthen the overall performance of electronic components and make the appliances last longer. It can prevent external shock during the use phase of the appliance and improve the service life of the appliance. Electrical components in a protected state, not easy to contact with water, moisture, etc., to avoid the exposure of the line, improve the usability.

What are the characteristics of fast potting adhesive?

1, the fast potting adhesive is easy to use, both to save curing time, but also to save the investment in joining the heating equipment, reduce the use of success.

2, followed by the use of equipment requirements are not high, most of the equipment can be used.

3, the fast potting adhesive obvious disadvantage is poor permeability, short applicable period, not convenient to use automated production equipment.

4, the fast potting adhesive does not have heat dissipation performance after curing, insulation is also relatively poor. If the user has requirements for this kind of performance, you can cooperate with companies with R & D customization, not only can focus on the research of fast potting adhesive but also can provide customized fast potting adhesive application solutions

The fast potting adhesive is very popular in the market, the use of simple methods, small requirements for equipment technology, most of them are used in low-voltage electronic devices, and some are used in electronic components that can not be cured by heating.

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