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Why can't I use a substandard electronic sealant?


Why can't I use a substandard electronic sealant?

Electronic sealant has a waterproof, sealing, moisture-proof role after curing, used in electronic production, can strengthen the electronic performance, improve the practicality. The market needs more and more, there are one-component electronic sealants and two-component electronic sealants, a variety of brands into the market, the quality varies, and the quality of substandard electronic sealant is not recommended to buy large quantities of use. The reasons are as follows.

Substandard electronic sealant why can not be used?

1, after curing performance is not guaranteed. Substandard electronic sealant after curing performance is not guaranteed is a common problem, poor waterproof performance, things sealing sense, so that the poor water resistance of electronic products, easy to water damage.

2, raw material components damage electronic components. Did not meet the standards of electronic sealant raw materials inexpensive, no security, good quality products after curing on electronic components without any corrosion, the use of many years of performance as one, while the electronic sealant does not meet the standards can not be guaranteed.

3, after curing the gel is not environmentally friendly. The environmental protection level of electronic sealant does not have any impact on the human body, in line with the requirements of environmental protection level, and not up to standard electronic sealant is inexpensive, often fail to meet the environmental requirements.

4, electronic products are not guaranteed. Not up to standard electronic sealant used in electronic products, there will be a variety of unexpected conditions, electronic products are not safe, the use of the process is prone to failure.

How to avoid the purchase of substandard electronic sealant?

When buying electronic sealants, you need to pay attention to the low price of the product must check whether the production qualification and test reports, if necessary, and brand companies can cooperate

Different brands and types of electronic sealants have special requirements for the field of use. Before buying, understand the scope of use and master the performance of electronic sealants so that you can avoid buying substandard products.

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