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How do I add thermal grease? So there are so many things to note?


How do I add thermal grease? So there are so many things to note?

Among the thermally conductive materials, thermally conductive silicone grease has good performance and better thermal conductivity compared to other materials. It is mainly composed of silicone and some heat dissipation materials. This kind of silicone grease will not be cured after use, and it will become slightly dry after years of use, but it will not affect the performance. You need to pay more attention when constructing it. The following is a brief introduction on how to add thermal conductive silicone grease.

How to add thermally conductive silicone grease? It is crucial to master the method

1Clean up the surface of the substrate. Before using thermal grease, you need to clean up the substrate to be coated with silicone grease. If there are puddles or dust on the surface of the base material, it will affect the adhesion of the silicone grease. The thermal conductive silicone grease cannot be fully contacted without the base material, which affects the thermal performance.

2Prepare tools. Generally, thermally conductive silicone grease is packed in a jar, and when using it, you need to use tools such as scrapers and gloves to avoid direct skin contact with the silicone grease. There are also syringes of thermal conductive silicone grease, which are easier to construct. After applying to the surface of the substrate, you can use a scraper to scrape it flat.

3Surface finishing. Apply the thermally conductive silicone grease in the substrate, if you want to play a better performance, you need to observe whether the applied silicone grease is flat and even, and the thickness should not exceed 3mm.

4Assemble the appliance. After applying the thermal grease, you can proceed directly to the next step of construction without any waiting. When assembling the heat sink, you need to fasten the heat sink to the heating body with screws, to guarantee the full combination with the thermal grease and the performance of heat dissipation.

What should I pay attention to when adding thermal grease?

1In addition to the surface of the substrate to be coated, all other edges of the silicone grease should be removed to avoid any impact on the operation of the electrical appliances.

2When adding thermal grease, apply a little bit less first, and then slowly increase the amount when it is not enough, to save waste.

3After adding the thermal grease, observe whether there are bubbles on the surface, and scrape the surface with a scraper if there are bubbles.

As a very important thermal material, thermal grease can be used in a wide range of electrical appliances that require heat dissipation. Users should try to buy a wide range of silicone grease, which can not only focus on the research of thermal grease but also provide customized thermal grease application solutions.

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