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What is the correct process for two-component potting adhesives? What are the precautions?


What is the correct process for two-component potting adhesives? What are the precautions?

When using two-component potting adhesives, there are certain operating techniques to follow. Understanding the specific operating process and following the step-by-step mixing and pouring process will greatly enhance the value of the application. Pay more attention to various matters to improve the effect after curing.

How to use two-component adhesives correctly?

1Weigh the main agent and curing agent according to the weight ratio, not according to the volume ratio to mix.

2, before the formal mixing of glue, the AB agent alone for about 3 minutes, evenly, following the proportion of AB agent mixed blending.

3If you are worried about the effect of manual mixing, you can directly choose the machine mixing.

4If there is a need for vacuum defoaming so that the air bubbles are eliminated.

5According to the size of the dosage to adjust the amount of glue, even speed for potting.

6Seal the unwanted adhesive immediately to avoid early curing.

What are the precautions when using potting adhesive?

1See if there is any damage to the two groups of materials before use, if there is damage, please use with caution.

2Stir the A agent separately before mixing the adhesive to avoid sinking.

3. Before curing, it should not be exposed to wind, sun or rain, and should not be placed outdoors for exposure to the sun as far as possible.

4When mixing glue, clean the container to avoid leaving unused material.

5If you want to adhere to a large amount of a certain material, you need to experiment in advance to master the specific use of the machine.

6Choose a good quality adhesive, don't settle for the second best to save money. Buy a product of trustworthy quality to minimize accidents. Cooperate with a competent supplier, more assured

7Most potting adhesives have good temperature resistance and are more durable after thorough curing.

The operation process of two-component potting adhesive is not complicated, you need to go step by step. Mix the material well in advance and pour it evenly into the inside of the gap. The first time the result is not particularly satisfactory, a second pouring can be carried out.

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