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What is LED thermally conductive silicone?

Nowadays, with the gradual increase of people's awareness of environmental protection, there are many kinds of lighting tools with energy-saving and environmental protection functions in the market, among which LED lamps are a very common electronic product. LED lamps are a very common type of electronic product. The long-term use of LED lamps will inevitably lead to a reduction in the life of the circuit board.

What is LED silicone?

First of all, we need to understand what is thermal silicone. The so-called thermal silicone is a paste with heat dissipation properties. The main component of this thermal paste is silicone copper, but there are also other materials with good thermal conductivity. LED thermal silicone is used in some LED products to ensure the heat dissipation of the circuit boards in LED products.

How to apply thermal silicone correctly?

In the face of the various and complicated LED thermal silicone on the market, people need to be clear about the scope and purpose of their use when choosing one, and not to be blind.

After choosing a good thermal silicone, how should we apply the correct thermal silicone?

When using thermal silicone, people need to understand the premise that thermal silicone does not need to be a large pile when it is used. This is because a more concentrated state of thermal silicone can reduce its performance and affect its effectiveness. Therefore, when using thermal silicone, it is necessary to spread it evenly to avoid aggregation.

It is therefore advisable to apply the thermal silicone evenly, starting from the middle of the electronic component. Place a small amount of thermal silicone in the middle of the electronic component and spread it evenly around, the thinnerthe better, to ensure the heat dissipation effect.

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