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What is the price trend for potting compounds? Is there a strong upward trend?


What is the price trend for potting compounds? Is there a strong upward trend?

Potting glue belongs to a very good glue, this glue can be used in metal, ceramic or plastic substrates, the use of a wide range of substrates, after curing without any corrosive properties. It can be used in a wide range of substrates and has no corrosive properties after curing. The main areas of use for potting adhesives are industrial manufacturing, where they can be used for the overall potting of electrical and electronic components to make appliances safer to use. What is the price trend of potting adhesives?

What factors are related to the price of potting adhesives?

The price of potting compounds depends on the brand, type, quantity purchased, and whether it is imported or not. Many domestic brands of potting adhesives have reached the environmental level requirements and do not affect the substrate or the human body. The price of domestic potting adhesives is very cost-effective compared to imports, and the after-sales service is also good, and some manufacturers can even develop customized products for users.

What is the price of potting adhesives?

The price of potting adhesive is also related to the type, common potting adhesive is divided into silicone potting adhesive, epoxy potting adhesive, and polyurethane potting adhesive three. According to the component, division can be divided into one component and two-component two. The specific price depends on the type, generally speaking, transparent potting glue is more expensive than black and white gray, but the price of potting glue is generally between twenty to fifty.

Is there a big trend of rising potting adhesive prices?

Potting glue is used in a wide range of fields, and now electrical appliances are commonly used, such as washing machines, refrigerators, and microwave ovens, and even cameras, mobile phones, LED lights are used, the use of higher and higher areas, better and better performance, the next few years the price will maintain a steady upward trend.

As a necessary glue for the electrical and electronic industry, the amount of potting glue used each year is very large. The shelf life of unopened potting glue is relatively long, so it is recommended that users buy in large quantities, because bulk purchases in terms of price can get preferential, economic, and affordable.

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