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How do I apply thermally conductive silicone grease?

To dissipate heat from your laptop or other electronic devices, many people turn to thermal grease. Thermal grease is a great product to help dissipate heat and plays a vital role in helping to dissipate heat from a computer's CPU, for example. So, do you know how to use thermal grease? What is the correct way to apply thermal grease?
  • The first step in applying thermal grease - removing impurities from the coating layer
Before applying the thermal grease, you should first ensure that the coating layer is clean, check the surface for impurities, dust, etc., and also check the surface of the coating layer for rust spots, so as not to affect the next operation. Also, if there are rust spots on the coating layer, this can lead to inadequate application of the thermal grease, which in turn can reduce the life of the thermal grease. Removing contaminants and ensuring that the coating is clean is a simple but essential step.
  • The second step in applying thermal grease - even application

After ensuring that the coating is clean, the most important part is the application. When applying the thermal grease, place a small amount on the coating and then scrape it evenly with a squeegee. The purpose of this is to make the thermal grease evenly and lightly applied to the coating.

As you can see, applying thermal grease is a "delicate" task, so you should not be impatient. At the same time, good thermal grease is a guarantee.

The purpose of applying thermal grease is to be free of impurities and evenly applied, as long as this is done, the thermal performance of the electronic components is guaranteed. And there are no special rules as to the exact method of application, just make sure that the coating layer is flat.

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