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Is the price of power potting compound high? Through which channels can I buy?


Is the price of power potting compound high? Through which channels can I buy?

There are many types of potting adhesives, and users can buy them according to their field of use so that they can more easily buy the right adhesive. Electricity production contains a huge, whether electronic or electrical appliances to strengthen the practicality, will use potting glue potting, then the power potting glue price is high? Can be purchased through which channels?

1, the price of power potting glue is not high, there are price differences between various brands on the market. Secondly, many kinds of potting adhesives can be used in power manufacturing, and there are price differences between different kinds, because black potting adhesives can be adjusted to white or gray, or even modulate the color according to user requirements, and the price of such potting adhesives is a little lower than transparent power potting adhesives.

2, the price of power potting adhesive and performance, high waterproof level, good flame retardant performance, curing resistance to high and low-temperature changes, with thermal conductivity of the glue price is not cheap.

3, the specific price is also related to the number of purchases, in general, directly in the manufacturer to buy a large number of discounts can be obtained, while a small number of purchases are some high prices. Because the power potting adhesive is widely used in a wide range of fields, so many users are buying in large quantities.

What channels can I buy?

1Electricity potting glue as the best-selling glue, in the market, can be bought, but to buy high-quality products need to compare three, choose the right cooperation

2, many users through the network order to buy, buy before you must choose the factory direct sales, choose this channel to buy not only to protect the quality, the price is also relatively cheap, reduce the middleman to earn the price difference.

Power potting glue price is not high, different types, different components of the glue price is different, the user can not only focus on the price when buying but also on the curing performance characteristics and environmental considerations.

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