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Do I need to look at the brand when choosing a potting compound? What else should I look for?


Do I need to look at the brand when choosing a potting compound? What else should I look for?

Nowadays, there are many different types, manufacturers, and brands of potting adhesives on the market, so consumers are at a loss when choosing potting adhesives because they are not familiar with them. In the face of the wide range of potting adhesives available, should consumers first be concerned about the brand of potting adhesives? What other issues should consumers be aware of?

The function of the adhesive should also be concerned

Potting glue is a substance used in electronic components to protect them from the impact of external forces. Consumers can pay attention to the function of the potting glue when purchasing potting glue, different types of potting glue have some different differences in function, such as epoxy resin potting glue, polyurethane potting glue, etc. The role and focus on the function are not the same.

You can listen to the experience of "experienced" people when choosing potting adhesives

To avoid stepping on mines, many people will do a lot of homework before buying potting adhesives, one of the easiest and fastest ways is to listen to the experience of "experienced" people, who have already bought potting adhesives can provide some practical purchase advice, consumers may wish to adopt it.

To sum up, potting glue plays a very important role in people's daily lives. Consumers should not only focus on the brand when buying potting glue but also pay attention to some other aspects, so that they can buy the right potting glue.

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