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Where to buy silicone sealants? Buying tips are analyzed as follows


Where to buy silicone sealants? Buying tips are analyzed as follows

Now the manufacturing industry will generally use silicone sealant, this adhesive liquid has a one-component and two-component, two-component can seal electrical and electronic substrates, and one-component can bond electrical parts, good bonding strength, curing also has a waterproof, moisture-proof performance. Where can I buy silicone sealant? What are the buying tips?

Where to buy silicone sealant?

1, the purchase of silicone sealant is mainly divided into two channels, the market specializing in adhesive shops can be bought, in this kind of place to buy more expensive, you can choose in many brands, many types of their satisfaction with a. 2, you can also directly contact the manufacturer to buy.

2, you can also directly contact the manufacturer to buy, especially in large quantities can also get a discount. If the purchase is particularly large, the existing silicone sealant can not perform requirements, you can discuss with the manufacturer R & D custom, custom glue performance more in line with their requirements, but need to pay an R & D custom fees, the overall price is higher.

What are the tips for buying silicone sealant?

1, buy silicone sealant, first of all, to observe whether it meet the requirements of environmental protection level because the only environmentally friendly level of silicone sealant can be used in the manufacturing industry, so that the glue will not release toxic substances after curing, will not have an impact on the human body, the surrounding environment.

2, when buying need to compare three, sometimes the middlemen earn a very high price difference. If you can get in touch with the manufacturer directly, you can buy directly from the manufacturer, the price is transparent and reasonable.

3, the face of a wide variety of silicone sealant brands do not know how to choose, for the sake of performance and safety, you can cooperate with the brand company, such as Cosmo, focus on silicone sealant research, to provide customized silicone sealant application solutions, a wide range of uses

Silicone sealant is a very high use rate of glue, you can get a long-term supply relationship with their trusted manufacturers, so you can avoid a series of problems caused by the quality of the glue.

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