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What are the performance characteristics of led lamp thermal conductive silicone?


What are the performance characteristics of led lamp thermal conductive silicone?

The emergence of Led lights has accelerated the public's awareness of environmental protection. These lights have the characteristics of energy-saving and power-saving, even if they work continuously for up to a dozen hours, they do not cause too much power. But at this time, we have to consider the practicality of how to protect the long working hours and avoid burning the lamp beads? At this point, the led lamp thermal grease will come into play, the following is an introduction to the led lamp thermal grease performance characteristics are what?

What are the performance characteristics of led lamp thermal grease?

1, led lamp thermal grease is different from ordinary thermal grease, ordinary thermal grease can't guarantee good heat dissipation performance even after long working hours. The led lamp thermal grease is different, even if it works continuously for more than 10 hours outdoors, it can still emit good thermal conductivity, and the thermal conductivity is very outstanding, to avoid burning the lamp beads and affecting the use because of the heat dissipation problem.

2, led lamp thermal conductive silicone grease also has a low oil away, low volatile role, it is with this characteristic, to protect the use of many years performance unchanged, the use of the process will not be because of the oil away from the differentiation problem caused by the leakage of silicone oil into the surrounding relays, triggering even electricity. If the oil separation is particularly serious, the surface of the silicone grease dries out particularly quickly, cracks will appear and the thermal conductivity will be affected.

3Because led lights are not only used indoors, but also many outdoor lights need to use this kind of lighting. For this reason, the thermally conductive silicone grease used is not only inconspicuous, but also needs to have excellent performance, and needs to meet the performance of high and low-temperature change resistance, so that it can better adapt to the outdoor bad weather changes and help the heat sink to play a better heat dissipation performance.

Ordinary thermal grease may only have one thermal conductivity, which is a general type. Led lamp thermal conductivity silicone grease is different from ordinary thermal conductivity silicone grease, with a variety of thermal conductivity coefficients for users to choose from, led lamp only use with the thermal conductivity coefficient matching the thermal conductivity silicone grease to better play the performance advantages, for this reason, users need to use the brand company cooperation is more secure!

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