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What are electrical potting adhesives used for?

Electrical potting adhesives are commonly used in the manufacturing process of today's electrical appliances, which are different from ordinary potting adhesives, not only in terms of price but also in terms of performance.
  • What is the application of electrical potting glue?
1To protect electrical components. The main mission of the electrical potting adhesive is to protect electrical components, potting to the electrical circuit board can present a bonding role, to play the impact resistance, even by external vibration, a bump will not easily hurt the electrical components.

2、Extend service life. Electrical components are in a protected state after being potted with glue, which can play a role in heat resistance, moisture resistance, resistance to high and low-temperature changes, and resistance to ultraviolet erosion, which can extend the service life of electrical components and make electrical appliances last longer.

3、Improve practicality. Once the electrical potting adhesive is cured, it will form a layer of adhesive film, which is moisture-proof and waterproof. This will improve the overall usability of the appliance, even in the harsh outdoor environment, and will not easily enter the water, protecting the electrical components and practicality.
1、Once the electrical potting glue mix needs to be used up as soon as possible, the higher the temperature of the operating site, the shorter the operating time, mainly because the mixed glue has the characteristics of explosive aggregation, the explosive aggregation will release heat and start to produce curing reaction.

2Electrical potting glue need to pay attention to the use of the process, can not be mixed with other glue, potting substrate surface needs to be kept clean, otherwise, it will affect the bonding effect after potting.

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