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Tips of choosing thermal conductive silicone


Thermally conductive silicone grease is a highly thermally conductive and insulating silicone material, which can be used to ensure safer use of electronic instruments or meters and better heat dissipation performance. As a heat dissipation material, almost all electrical appliances are used in the production industry, so what brand of thermally conductive silicone grease is recommended? 
  • What is the recommended brand of thermal grease?
1、There are many brands of thermal grease on the market, both imported brands, and domestic brands. Domestic brands can also be divided into well-known brands and niche brands. If you don't know how to choose at this time, you can consult your peers and friends, and you can also check online.

2 Many users trust the brand recommended by their friends, but due to the different fields of use, the difference in the specifications of the thermal conductivity silicone grease and the use of skills will show different thermal conductivity, at this time, users can conduct a small test on the preferred brand so that they can understand how the brand performance.
  • What are the selection techniques?
1、Buying thermal grease should not only consider the thermal performance but also consider the oil separation rate.

2、When buying thermal grease, you should also consider the stability of the work.

No matter what brand of thermal grease you buy, you need to buy the grease according to the thermal conductivity index of the appliance, not the higher the thermal conductivity index of the grease, the better the thermal conductivity.The purpose of using thermal grease is to strengthen the heat dissipation performance of the appliance, improve the overall operational efficiency and make the appliance less prone to failure during use. Many users are particularly torn between brands when purchasing, but instead of torn between brands, they should conduct their small-scale tests to understand the performance of each brand before selecting the brand that suits them. If you come to TENSAN to purchase, based on years of production experience, we will recommend suitable thermal grease for you.

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