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What is the use of industrial thermally conductive silicone grease?

Industrial manufacturing industries are designed for a wide range of fields such as instrumentation, electronics, automotive and CPU production, etc. These industries commonly use industrial thermally conductive silicone grease as a material. 
Industrial thermally conductive silicone grease is inexpensive and not used in large quantities, what are the advantages of using it? Are the advantages obvious?

The main function of industrial thermal grease is to strengthen the heat dissipation performance of the electric radiator. It only needs to be applied to the middle contact position between the radiator and the heat generator, and a thin application can strengthen the heat dissipation performance of the radiator so that the electrical appliances will not be burnt out due to poor heat dissipation performance during use.

Firstly, electronic components will emit heat in the process of use. If you do not use industrial thermal grease, the air will be generated in the gap between the heater and the heat sink, and the heat generated by the heater cannot be transferred out in time.Secondly, for electronic components after using thermal conductive silicone grease, since there is no gap between the heat sink and the heat sink, the heat generated by the heat sink can be transferred out through the heat sink without any obstruction, which ensures more stable performance of the electrical appliances.

Thirdly, industrial thermal conductive silicone grease is mainly made of organic silicon as the main raw material, this material has insulating properties, in addition to protecting the heat dissipation performance of electronic components, it can also improve the overall insulation performance of electronic components.Fourthly, industrial thermal conductive silicone grease has the performance advantages of high and low-temperature resistance, water resistance, ozone resistance, and weather aging resistance to adapt to the use of various industrial fields.Industrial thermal grease has obvious advantages and is used in large quantities every year, so the industry is developing well.

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