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Is the potting compound effective?


Potting glue in the electronics, electrical production industry has a high status, the annual use of an unpredictable amount, as a kind of adhesive, many users do not know much about the use of potting glue role, or even doubt, please ask potting glue can not be used? What will happen if you don't use it?

Is the role of potting glue obvious?

1, the role of potting glue maybe some ordinary people do not understand, but as electrical appliances, electronics industry manufacturers are aware of its performance. Electronic components can be potting glue after the formation of a protective layer, to prevent external water, moisture, or other substances into the electrical components, while potting glue and bonding role, you can glue and electrical components together, filling the gap to avoid vibration and displacement, affecting the use.

2, the role of potting glue is obvious, this point should be analyzed from the use of electronic products or electrical appliances, now the electrical appliances waterproof performance, shockproof performance is particularly good, even in the handling or transportation process, electrical components are not easy to fail, these are the credit of potting glue.

What happens if I don't use potting compound?

Potting compounds have infiltrated the electrical manufacturing industry and there are very few electrical appliances or electronic components on the market today that do not use potting compounds in the manufacturing process. Even if there are appliances that do not use encapsulants, they are not safe to use and it is difficult to sell them on the market.

To sum up, the role of potting glue is obvious, the price is not expensive, resulting in the development of this industry has long tended to mature, multiplying a variety of performance to adapt to a variety of fields of different types of potting glue, users can completely according to the field of use, performance requirements for its choice. When choosing to buy an order to buy high-quality products, you can compare the three, choose the right

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