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What should I do if the thermal grease dries?

When using thermal grease, it is possible to experience drying out. Isn't drying out a good sign? Yes, thermal grease, unlike other adhesives, does not require curing to perform thermal conductivity. Once the thermal grease dries up, it means that air has entered the interior, which reduces the thermal conductivity.
  • Can thermal grease still conduct heat after it dries?
When the thermal grease dries, whether it affects the thermal conductivity depends on the drying condition. If only the surface of the adhesive dries, and the drying degree is not serious, it should not affect the thermal conductivity.Once the adhesive dries up badly and cracks appear, it will seriously affect the thermal conductivity. In order to prevent the thermal grease from drying out easily, it is necessary to cooperate with a powerful supplier
  • Can thermal grease still be used after it dries?
When the thermal grease dries up, it means that the oil separation of the adhesive is serious. In this case, if you want to continue to use thermal grease, you might as well add an appropriate amount of silicone oil. However, this method of operation has certain risks, which need to be carefully considered by the operator. In order to prevent the occurrence of danger, it is recommended that customers remove the dried thermal grease and reapply it.
  • How to apply thermal grease?
Take a laptop as an example, remove the back cover to keep the CPU and chips clean and tidy. Apply an appropriate amount of thermal grease to the middle part, smooth it gently and reinstall it. The adhesive layer is thin and uniform, making the thermal conductivity better.
When applying thermal grease, the amount of glue should not be too much to avoid waste. Normally, high-quality thermal grease has a certain shelf life, and it will hardly deteriorate or dry up within the specified time. Check regularly for cracks or dryness. Solve various small problems in time to avoid affecting the heat dissipation effect.

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