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What are the key points of potting adhesive selection?


Potting adhesives have penetrated various manufacturing industries and play an important role in performance. But there are more types of potting adhesives on the market, and there are many brands, so users often do not know how to choose when they buy them. What factors need to be considered when buying? To understand these issues, you need to understand the following.

Potting adhesive selection points are as follows.

Performance requirements: users need to consider the performance requirements when buying potting adhesive, such as the use of the temperature of the adhesive, whether the insulation and flame retardant properties, curing bonding strength, waterproof performance, color appearance, hot and cold changes whether cracking and so on.

Potting process: potting glue is used in a wide range of fields, some areas to quickly achieve the purpose of construction, the purchased potting glue needs to have the performance of manual construction and machine construction. Secondly, it should have the performance of room temperature curing and heating curing, to meet the user's construction requirements, can adjust the curing time at will, will not delay the schedule.

Potting cost: potting cost is also the purchase stage need to pay attention to the issue, because the use of potting glue is particularly large, the purchase of both performance requirements to consider the price, for this reason, you need to shop around, more selection, so that you can buy their satisfaction potting glue.

What are the factors to consider when buying potting adhesive?

Types of: There are many types of potting adhesives on the market, and different types of potting adhesives show different performance requirements after curing, so before buying the first thing to consider the type, only to buy the right adhesive for their needs to achieve the purpose of potting.

The choice of a brand: the choice of brand is very important because the user in the purchase of potting adhesive is often bought in large quantities, if a large number of unqualified performance to buy glue, will not only affect the construction will also affect the cost of investment.

Users in the purchase of potting adhesive, you need to pay attention to the above points of choice, the market potting adhesive more types can be broadly divided into epoxy resin potting adhesive, polyurethane potting adhesive, silicone potting adhesive three categories, the need to do a detailed understanding of the performance of various types of the potting adhesive before purchase, more convenient for users to choose.

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