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Is one-component electronic potting glue good to use? Which properties are of concern when using?


Is one-component electronic potting glue good to use? Which properties are of concern when using?

In the adhesive market, according to the packaging form of the adhesive, it is divided into one-component electronic potting glue and two-component potting glue. Compared with the two, the packaging of the one-component adhesive is simpler, and the main agent and the curing agent are mixed and can be used directly.

Is one-component electronic potting glue easy to use?

  Before opening the package, it must not come into contact with air, otherwise, it will cure and cause waste. After unpacking, it exists in liquid form and has good fluidity. When working, relying on good permeability to potting and filling, the effect is good. When it is cured, it can be dust-proof, moisture-proof, shock-proof, and corrosion-resistant, and has high use-value.

Which properties of one-component electronic potting compounds are more popular?

  1. The electrical performance is very good: this is the performance required in many industrial fields, which have good insulation and avoid short circuits or other accidents.

2. The temperature resistance is very good: the temperature adaptability to the working environment is very strong, and it can exert various advantages in the range of -50 to 150 degrees so that users can rest assured. Cooperate with powerful suppliers to be more assured, such as TENSAN, which focuses on the research of one-component electronic potting glue, and provides customized one-component electronic potting glue application solutions, which are widely used.

  3. The weather resistance is very good: it can work in ordinary environments, and it can also work in harsh environments. It can effectively block the erosion and damage of substances such as ultraviolet rays, ozone, and salt spray, and prolong the service life.

  4. The shock resistance is very good: when it is cured, it will form an elastic film. This layer of film can effectively relieve the impact force so that the protected object is less affected by external forces.

This is the performance of one-component electronic potting glue, and the operation method is not complicated. The steps of weighing, proportioning, and stirring are omitted, and they can be directly operated. It can be defoamed and poured with confidence.

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