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The main construction methods and characteristics of SMT patch red glue dispensing.


The main construction methods and characteristics of SMT patch red glue dispensing.

SMT patch red glue, also known as SMT adhesive, SMT red glue, usually red (also yellow, black, white, and pink) paste evenly distributed epoxy resin such as hardener, pigment, solvent, etc. Resin adhesive, which cures quickly after being heated, is mainly used to fix electronic components on printed boards and is generally distributed by dispensing or stencil printing. After attaching the components, put them in an oven or reflow oven to heat and harden. The main construction methods are as follows:

SMT patch red glue dispensing.

1), SMD red glue printing method:

The stencil opening depends on the type of the part and the performance of the PCB substrate to determine its thickness and the size and shape of the hole. Its advantages are fast speed and high efficiency, but the disadvantage is that it needs to make a special steel mesh, and it is more troublesome to clean at the same time.

Patch red glue printing.

2) Dispensing method:

Dispensing is to use compressed air to dispense red glue onto the substrate through a special dispensing head. The size and number of glue spots are controlled by parameters such as time and pressure tube diameter. The glue dispenser has flexible functions. For different parts, we can use different dispensing heads, set parameters to change, and also change the shape and number of glue points to achieve the effect. The advantages are convenience, flexibility, and stability. The disadvantage is that it is prone to drawing and air bubbles. We can adjust the operating parameters, speed, time, air pressure, and temperature to minimize these shortcomings.

Patch red glue dot red glue.

3) Needle transfer method:

The needle transfer method is to dip a special needle film into a shallow glue tray. Each needle has a glue point. When the glue point touches the substrate, it will be separated from the needle. The amount of glue can be changed by the shape and diameter of the needle.

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