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Advantages of silicone for bonding electronic components?

Silicone is divided into one-component and two-component, and one-component silicone is widely used in bonding or fixing electronic components because of its convenient construction and good bonding performance. The reason why it is
commonly used in bonding and fixing electronic components is because of the following characteristics.
  • Why use silicone for bonding electronic components?
1. Curing. No special processing is required to cure after application, as only exposure to moisture in the air is required.

2. The construction is convenient. Because it is a one-component product, it can be applied after opening the package, and the amount of glue can be controlled by using a dispensing gun during construction.

3. Good shockproof performance. Because the organic silica gel is an elastic colloid after curing, this colloid is not easy to wear electronic components, and can play a shockproof performance.

4. It has insulating properties after curing. After the silicone is cured, it can have insulating properties, which can ensure that the electronic components will not leak and will not harm the user. 
Currently only branded products can guarantee this performance.
  • Can other adhesives be used to bond electronic components?
No, because AB glue has no guarantee of temperature resistance and insulation performance after curing, and it is hard glue after curing, which is easy to wear electronic components, and electronic components are not easy to replace 
when they fail.This is not the case with silicone, because silicone curing presents an elastic volume, so even if the electronic components fail, they can be easily replaced, and the electronic components will not be lost or damaged during replacement.
The bonding of electronic components is generally produced in large quantities, and the silicone can be used both manually and with an automatic glue dispenser. When using it, you only need to control the temperature of the operating site

and the construction time. It is very helpful to improve the construction process.The use of silicone in electronic components will not cause corrosion, will not cause any impact on electronic components, and has good bonding performance, and the expected bonding effect can be achieved without the use of primers.Welcome and buy electronic adhesive at

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