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What should we pay attention to when using silicone potting?

Silicone potting compound is a two-component adhesive composed of AB agent. Agent A is black and agent B is beige or yellowish. The colors of the two groups of materials are different, and their performance is also very different. However, they cannot perform alone, and need to be mixed together for better performance. So, does silicone potting compound really work? What are the characteristics? What details should be paid attention to when using?
In the market, the characteristics of silicone potting glue are obvious to all. For example, the cost is very low, even if it is used in large quantities, it does not require too high cost investment, which is very suitable for industrial use; the use method is simple and easy to learn, and even people without operating experience can complete the pouring by reading the instructions. However, it is best to train in advance to try not to cause waste.

In addition, the waterproof, sealing, insulating and other properties of silicone potting compound are very significant, and have been recognized by the majority of users. In particular, it is more reassuring to cooperate with powerful suppliers, such as Tensan, which focuses on silicon potting compound research and provides customized silicone potting compound application solutions.

During the operation, the AB agent needs to be uniformly mixed according to the ratio of 1:1. If manual weighing is not possible, it is best to use a machine to do it. Try to reduce the error of the ratio as much as possible to make it perform

better.After mixing the two sets of materials, careful stirring is required. Stir in one direction, trying not to bring in air. Some small air bubbles can disappear automatically, but large air bubbles cannot disappear and need to be defoamed.When curing, silicone potting can be performed in both normal and high temperature environments. To speed things up, additional warming is required. Make sure that the curing environment is clean and tidy, and do not let impurities mix in, so as not to affect the curing effect.When the silicone encapsulant is cured, it will form an elastic soft layer.It isolates impurities and forms a protective ring, which can play a long-term barrier role.The above is about the content of silicone potting glue. We still need to pay attention to some small details when using it. In terms of selection, it is best to choose the one with guaranteed quality and more peace of mind.

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