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Solutions for RTV waterproof sealant dispensing.

The RTV silicone used in the dispensing process of RTV waterproof sealant is a room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. RTV is the abbreviation of room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber in English. It is a silicone rubber that can be
vulcanized at room temperature. Let's take a look at some common problems encountered in the dispensing and processing of RTV silicone FIP waterproof sealant and how to deal with them.

  • 1. Cured surface wrinkle after silicone waterproof sealant dispensing processing.

This is caused by the shortening of RTV silicone waterproof sealant after dispensing and curing. Most of the cases are caused by the addition of solvent-based silicone resin to the glue, which is caused by the quality of the RTV silicone itself.
  • 2. The interface layer is presented after the silicone waterproof sealant is dispensed.
This problem is also caused by the quality of the FIP waterproof sealant dispensing process. An interface will appear between any two different raw materials. The only way to deal with it is to use the principle of thinking about the same material. Many friends have proposed raising the curing temperature, or sintering at high temperature, these are some tricks, and the only way to deal with them is to start from the material and change the affinity of silica gel with it when other individual raw materials cannot be changed.
  • 3. Precipitation of phosphor powder.
If it is not the problem of powder, then the glue in this state can only be cured at room temperature. In order to maintain its light transmittance, refractive index, etc. in RTV silica gel, no suspending agent can be added, and these problems are encountered. My friends can try to change to a product that is heated and cured, which can deal with this problem.
  • 4. The cured surface of the silicone waterproof sealant after dispensing is not lubricated enough.

This is caused by the reaction of RTV silica gel with sulfur and phosphorus, etc. This problem is generally on the mold, so it can be solved by cleaning the mold well.If the above problems are noticed during the dispensing process of silicone waterproof sealant, the production efficiency of the enterprise can be improved to a certain extent, thereby greatly improving the economic benefits of the enterprise.

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