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What equipment is needed for adhesive bonding?


What equipment is needed for adhesive bonding?

As we all know, adhesives not only need a skilled bonding process but also need some equipment to assist when bonding. So, do you know what equipment is needed for adhesive bonding? Today, I have sorted out some of the equipment needed for adhesive bonding and recommended adhesive brands with good quality and guaranteed quality. Hope it can be of some help to you all!

1. Equipment used in adhesive bonding.

Glue dispenser: Before using the adhesive, we need to use some mechanical devices for mixing or preparing the adhesive, and this mechanical device is the glue dispenser. The use of the glue dispenser can make the glue mix more evenly, and the proportion of It will be more precise and allow the adhesive to achieve the best use effect.

Gluing gun: Many adhesives need to use a gluing gun. The gluing gun can spray or inject the adhesive onto the surface of the adherend under the action of pressure. Using the gluing gun can make the adhesive spray more Uniform and consistent thickness.

Squeegee blade, squeegee blade, and squeegee stick: these three functions are the same, it depends on which one is easier to use. Their main function is to adjust the thickness of the adhesive layer so that the adhesive can be evenly coated on the surface of the object to be bonded.

Curing fixture: After applying the adhesive, many adherents need to add force to make the curing faster and the bonding more reliable, and the curing fixture is used for the force. The function of the curing fixture is the positioning and pressing device used by the adherend when curing.

Gasket: When we are bonding, there is a high probability that gaskets will be used. Be aware that spacers are deformable or elastic sheet materials. When we generally place it between the adherend and the press or distribute it between the laminates of the adherend, it helps the adhesive surface to be pressed evenly.

2. Good quality and guaranteed quality cementing agent brand recommendation.

Although we understand the equipment required for bonding, this equipment can only ensure that the function of the adhesive product is more effective. If you want to purchase high-quality, quality-assured adhesive products, you still have to choose the right brand.

To maximize the function of the adhesive when bonding, it generally needs the assistance of some bonding equipment. In this article, I will introduce some of the most commonly used bonding equipment, each of which has different functions. Purchasers can understand this industry better after seeing them, and construction friends can better carry out their work after understanding them.

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