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Why does the sealing potting glue not cure? How to solve the problem of non-curing?


Why does the sealing potting glue not cure? How to solve the problem of non-curing?

Sealing potting compounds are used in a wide range of fields and play a variety of properties. However, there is a premise for the performance of various properties, that is, the adhesive needs to be fully cured. After the curing is successful, a thin and elastic adhesive layer will be formed, which has a better use effect. So, why doesn't the sealing potting compound cure? How to solve the problem that the sealant does not cure?

Why won't the sealant cure?

Generally speaking, the components contained in the addition type sealing potting compound will react with certain chemical substances and affect the curing effect. For example, it cannot be put together with chemicals such as phosphorus, chlorine, ammonium, and mercaptans, and it is prone to poisoning and cannot be fully cured.

If the condensed adhesive cannot be cured, the main reason is that the potting layer is too thick. Normally, the thickness of the adhesive layer should not be too thick, between two and three millimeters, and no more than five millimeters thick. If it exceeds this thickness, it will take a long time to complete the curing, so don't be too anxious.

The solution to the non-curing method of sealing potting glue.

First of all, to keep the sealing potting compound away from various compounds, the electronic components need to be cleaned before use without any residue. The selected sealing potting glue should preferably be of good quality.

Secondly, according to the scientific proportions, it may also have a certain effect to apply a primer in advance. In this way, there will be no poisoning and the adhesion can be increased.

Finally, during the pouring process, the thickness of the adhesive layer should be strictly controlled, neither too thin nor too thick. Once the adhesive layer is too thick, it will take longer to cure. In some cases, additional heat may be an option to speed up curing.

For the majority of users, the curing effect of the sealant is very important. If it is not fully cured, there will be big problems. It is better to pay attention to the details to improve the curing effect.

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