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What are the characteristics of two-component electronic potting glue?

Compared with single-component electronic potting glue, two-component electronic potting glue has more advantages and has been recognized by customers in different industries. Take an in-depth look and see what are the characteristics of the two-component electronic potting compound, and what are the specific operation steps?
  • What are the characteristics of two-component electronic potting glue?
During use, the adhesive has good fluidity, but its viscosity is low, and it penetrates the gap to complete the sealing and filling work. Curing can be completed at room temperature or under heating, effectively increasing the curing speed. During the curing process, almost no by-products are produced, and a rather elastic adhesive layer can be formed, which is effective in flame retardant, heat insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof, high-temperature resistance, and aging resistance, and greatly prolongs the service life.What fields is the two-component electronic potting glue suitable for?

In general, two-component electronic potting compounds can be used to seal electronic components, automotive electronics and power modules. Specifically, it can seal and fill LED power supplies, driving power supplies, solar panels, outdoor power supplies, sensors, display screens, amplifiers, and printed circuit boards. In order to achieve better results, it is more reassuring to cooperate with powerful suppliers, such as Tensan, which focuses on the research of two-component electronic potting glue, and provides customized two-component electronic potting glue application solutions, which are widely used. 1. Stir. Observe whether the AB agent has sedimentation and stratification, and stir it evenly.

2. Weighing. Mix the AB agent according to the scientific method, and stir evenly in the same direction.

3. Defoaming. Put the mixed materials quietly for five to ten minutes, and the air bubbles are automatically discharged, and then the operation can be performed.

4. Pouring. Adjust the amount of glue as needed to complete the pouring.

5. Curing, wait for curing at room temperature, or heat for curing.

This is the specific use method of the two-component electronic potting glue, and it is not complicated. Before use, it is recommended that the operator read the instructions carefully, and do not ignore some details, so as not to waste materials and time!Welcom to visit and purchase thermal potting with high quality and affordable price!

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