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What are the features of Heat Transfer Paste High Thermal Conductivity?

High thermal conductivity silicone grease, also known as heat dissipation paste, is a thermally conductive silicone grease-like compound made of organic silicone as the main raw material, adding materials with excellent heat resistance and thermal conductivity.

Heat Transfer Paste High Thermal Conductivity Features:
◆ Excellent thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and use stability, good high and low temperature resistance.
◆ Water-resistant, non-curing, and non-corrosive to metal materials in contact (copper, aluminum, steel)
◆ Extremely low volatilization loss, non-drying, non-melting, good material adaptability and wide operating temperature range (-50∽+250℃)

◆ Non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive, stable chemical and physical properties

Heat Transfer Paste High Thermal Conductivity

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