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What is the role of red glue in pcb SMD processing


        SMD processing adhesive is also known as SMD processing red glue, usually red (also yellow or white) paste in a uniform distribution of hardener, pigment, solvent and other adhesives, mainly used to SMD processing components fixed in the printed board, generally with a dot glue or stencil printing method to distribute. After affixing the components into the oven or reflow oven to heat hardening.

        Patch processing patch adhesive is heated and then cured, patch processing solidification temperature is generally 150 degrees, and then heated will not dissolve, that is, the patch processing of the thermal hardening process is irreversible. Patch processing effect will be due to thermal curing conditions, the connected object, the equipment used, the operating environment and different differences, the use of printed circuit board assembly process to choose the patch adhesive.

        SMD processing red glue is a chemical compound, the main ingredients for polymer materials, SMD processing filler, curing agent, other additives, etc.. Chip processing red glue has viscosity fluidity, temperature characteristics, wetting characteristics, etc.. According to the SMD processing red glue of this characteristic, so in the production, the purpose of using red glue is to make the parts firmly attached to the PCB surface, to prevent it from falling off.

        SMD processing red glue is belong to the pure consumption material, is not necessary process product, now with the surface mount design and process of continuous improvement, SMD processing through-hole reflow soldering, double-sided reflow soldering have been realized, using SMD processing SMD glue mount process is having less and less trend.

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