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Solution of power supply adapter


Power Supply Adapter Solution

We often come into contact with the power adapter in our daily life, and it will become hot and hot after long-term use. If the temperature of the power supply is too high during use, it will seriously affect the product performance and even be a safety hazard. It is very necessary to choose suitable thermal conductive materials to help the power supply dissipate heat and improve the stability of the product.

Industrial power adapter    

An important trend in the power adapter market is the need for adapters with higher output power, lower no-load energy consumption, and smaller size. This requires transformers and MOS tubes to have higher stability and functions of voltage and current conversion. The heat dissipation requirements will be more demanding, so the structure of the heat sink in the future will be smaller and smaller, and the thermal interface materials will also tend to have better thermal conductivity, better insulation, breakdown voltage, and tear strength.

Consumer power adapter

The diversification of the output of consumer power adapters is an important trend in future development. The diversification and penetration of electronic equipment makes conventional home adapters unable to meet the demand at all; emerging technologies such as fast charging, wireless charging, high voltage, and low voltage will become more important. In order to be frequently implanted in consumer power adapters, such products have higher power consumption and stricter requirements for heat dissipation, and the thermal conductivity of thermal interface materials will be higher and higher.        

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