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Too much thermally conductive silicone grease cause adverse effects?


Thermal grease is not an uncommon product in the market of thermal conductive materials, and it is used in many electrical appliances and electronic components to play a good role in heat dissipation. However, sometimes too much is applied accidentally, causing waste and possibly affecting the heat dissipation effect. Learn more about it and try to avoid wasting materials and time.

What should I do if I apply too much thermal grease?

Some customers think that the thicker the thermal grease is applied, the better the effect will be, so they apply it without hesitation. In fact, the more thermal conductive silicone grease you apply, the worse the effect will be. Once you really apply too much, it is recommended to use a scraper to scrape the excess adhesive clean. Then use a clean rag to clean up the excess adhesive around it to prevent it from affecting the overall beauty. Generally speaking, the thickness of the thermal grease can be 0.3 mm, and the closer to this value, the better the effect.

Is there any adverse effect if I apply too much?

1. It will cause waste. Don't think that the price of thermal grease is not expensive, so you can apply it casually.

2、The heat dissipation effect is not good. The thinner and more uniform the adhesive layer of thermal grease is, the better the heat dissipation effect is. Once the rubber layer is too thick, it will directly affect the heat dissipation effect, so that the heat cannot be transferred out quickly and shorten the service life of the appliance.

3、It is easy to cause pollution. When too much thermal conductive silicone grease is applied, the extra adhesive may pollute the circuit and lead to accidents.

Is thermally conductive silicone grease durable?

During the construction process, customers should strictly control the quality and use the thermal conductive silicone grease reasonably. In order to avoid the heat dissipation effect from being affected, it is recommended to cooperate with a strong supplier for more peace of mind, which can not only focus on thermal conductive silicone grease research, but also provide customized thermal conductive silicone grease application solutions, which are widely used and can be applied to new energy, military, medical, aviation, shipping, electronics, automotive, instrumentation, power supply, high speed rail and other industry fields.

When you buy a big brand of thermal conductive silicone grease, follow the correct method to apply it, so that the adhesive layer is even and thin, and it is easy to play a better performance. It is possible to extend the service life of electrical appliances or electronic components by using thermal conductive silicone grease properly!

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