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Which properties of electronic potting adhesives should not be ignored?


Choosing a suitable electronic potting adhesive is not easy, blindly purchase may face a variety of problems in the later use. Experienced users have summed up a set of purchase strategy, from the adhesive performance in all aspects to start, easy to choose durable and useful productsAdhesion is important

    For an electronic potting adhesive, its own adhesion is essential. Generally speaking, the bonding of shrinkable products is better than that of molded products, and can be bonded with different materials, which is firm and durable.

Flame resistance is important

    For both additive and shrinkable adhesives, the flame retardant properties of additive products are more advantageous.

Water resistance is important

    Normally, good adhesion of electronic potting adhesive means good waterproof effect. Solid bonding with components, naturally, can block the entry of moisture, moisture and other water, to avoid the impact of components. Choose big brand products, rest assured to use, not only can focus on electronic potting adhesive research, but also can provide customized electronic potting adhesive application solutions, a wide range of uses, can be applied to new energy, military, medical, aviation, shipping, electronics, automotive, instruments, power, high-speed rail and other industry sectors.

    Hardness is important

Some industries have requirements for the hardness of the electronic potting adhesive, with no worries. Selection may wish to understand the hardness of the adhesive, or the later blending of the ratio slightly altered.

    Curing speed is important

    Different types and brands of electronic potting adhesives, curing speed varies. Most adhesives can be cured by warming up and can work in an environment of -50 to 250 degrees after successful curing.

    This is the main way to select electronic potting adhesives, out of concern for fire retardancy, adhesion, water resistance and curing speed and other properties, but also should pay attention to the thermal conductivity of the adhesive and service life. Do not necessarily put the price on the important position, pay more attention to the performance of various properties. Strive to elect a good value for money adhesive for long-term use. 

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