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What is the role of led potting glue?


The potting glue according to the type of material, single and two-component, the application of different products and thus has a very large system, different potting glue has special application areas and products, take led potting glue, this LED potting glue is mainly used in led lamps and lanterns potting(LED lamp module potting, LED driver power module potting), LED potting glue can be used in other electronic products, waterproof sealing. Led potting glue can be used in led lamps and lanterns to achieve a good waterproof and sealing purpose, the product will not be affected by moisture, dust and other outdoor. There are some LED potting glue because the glue contains a high composition of flame retardant components so after curing there is a good flame retardant, effectively improving the reliability of the use of lamps.

Led silicone potting glue and LED epoxy resin potting glue is particularly convenient to use, curing speed can be reasonably controlled, whether heated curing or room temperature curing, curing quality is the same, does not affect the performance of play, more will not affect the use of years. However, in the heating and curing process is easy to produce bubbles, which requires the glue to be defoamed before potting to avoid this problem. 

  • So Led potting glue storage what need to pay attention to it? 

First, in the preparation of materials into the warehouse to see the production date, the general unopened LED potting glue shelf life is mostly 6 months, once opened, even if good sealing treatment should also be used as soon as possible to avoid changes in the glue, affecting the later use. Second, the storage period requires strict compliance with the precautions, pay attention to the surrounding environment, minimize the mixing of storage with other chemicals to avoid chemical changes. Storage needs to pay attention to do a good job of sealing the unused LED potting glue to avoid entering the air curing reaction, affecting the subsequent use.

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