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Thermally conductive silicone VS thermally conductive silicone grease


  • Common point: both have thermal conductivity and insulation, both are thermally conductive interface materials.

  • Differences.

Thermally conductive silicone (thermally conductive potting adhesive): adhesive (once stuck on the difficult to remove, so most of the time is used in only a one-time bonding occasions, translucent, high temperature dissolution (viscous liquid), low temperature solidification (exposure), can not melt and dissolve, elastic.Thermally conductive silicone grease (thermal paste): absorbent, not viscous, paste-like semi-liquid, not volatile, not cured (low temperature does not thicken, high temperature will not become thin).

  • Application range

The application of silicone grease is relatively wide compared with silicone, many industrial and electronic products need heat dissipation place is used in the thermal conductivity silicone grease.There are many kinds of silicone grease, and people add some "impurities" to the pure thermal grease to improve its thermal conductivity. These impurities are graphite powder, aluminium powder, copper powder and so on. Pure silicone grease is pure milky white, graphite grease is dark, aluminium grease is greyish and shiny, and copper grease is yellowish.Tensan's thermally conductive silicone grease is a polymer material made from silicone resin silicone rubber with various highly thermally conductive metal oxides and various auxiliaries synthesized through a modern special process. Compared to the traditional sense of adding metal powder to silicone grease, this not only improves the thermal conductivity, but also has high insulation, stability and overall performance advantages. For example, Tensan's TS5505 is a high quality thermally conductive silicone grease with a high thermal conductivity of 3.0w, with good adsorption and filling.

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