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High performance thermally conductive pads

As we know, among the thermally conductive raw materials, thermally conductive pads are mainly composite materials based on silicone raw materials, which are very commonly used. However, due to the diversification of the use of silicone management systems, a widespread risk of volatilisation and oil leakage is gradually becoming a concern.
  • The damage caused by volatilisation and oil leakage from silicone low molecular structures
  1. Security surveillance systems and filming equipment - volatile silicone components can solidify on the mirror surface, contaminating the camera lens and compromising image quality.
  2. Micro motors - causing corrosion of the copper core of the electromagnetic coil
  3. Computer hard disk drives (HDDs) - exuded methyl silicone oil absorbs soot and causes damage to the tape drive, damaging the record film and not allowing proper read and write capability of data information.
  4. Unintegrated silicone, exuded silicone is accompanied by intermittent transfer to the circuit board, absorbing dust and likely to lead to short circuit failure.
  5. Volatile siloxane may, under adverse conditions, produce silica in the cable jacket, leading to touch ineffectiveness.

Although raw material product developers have been diligent in how to manipulate volatility and oil leakage rates, the only commodities on the market are those described as low volatility and low oil leakage, which still do not completely avoid these two challenges.This is where the application of silicone-free thermal gaskets must be considered. Silicone-free thermal gaskets are and silicon rubber as the core of the thermal conductivity of raw materials, such materials without small molecules of water silicone volatile, no silicone shampoo for precipitation, not easy to lead to circuit failure, can be used in the silicon more sensitive unique industry.

The above is the function performance of the heat-conducting gasket. If you have any questions about the heat-conducting gasket, you can click below Com will feed back your problems and puzzles to us in the form of a message. Tensan, as a master of 10-year glue use scheme, solemnly promises to answer all questions and provide considerate service.

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