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To solve the problem of heat dissipation

Thermal conductive silicone adhesive gel as a sophisticated and stable product in the market is also everywhere, the application range involved is also quite extensive, whether it is the communications industry, the electronics industry, or the LED industry, thermal conductive silicone adhesive gel will be one of the thermal products considered by manufacturers, so thermal conductive silicone adhesive gel has more than other thermal products to be selected The advantages of heat-conductive silicone film over other heat-conductive products. So how should thermally conductive silicone film be used correctly? Thermal conductive silicone glues should be incorporated into the structural planning of the product at the early stages of product planning.                                          

It is required that the thermal conductive silicone gel can perfectly solve the problem of thermal conductivity of the product, and it can fit into the product planning and facilitate the installation etc. 

  1. If the selection of heat sink plan, can use thermal conductive double-sided adhesive, thermal conductive silicone grease and other thermal conductive materials. However, the thermal conductivity of double-sided adhesive is relatively poor; high-temperature thermal grease does not have shock absorption and pressure resistance; it can be used to choose a light and floating thermal conductivity silicone film, thermal conductivity is better and convenient to operate. 
  2. The selection of thermal conductivity plan: the development trend of electronic products tends to be increasingly floatation, the past thermal conductivity mainly to heat sink plan; with the development of thermal conductivity skills of electronic products, now more inclined to use metal bracket, metal shell-based structure heat sink; or a combination of two plans. In short, in different products, different application environment, select the better cost performance thermal conductivity solution plan, the perfect use of thermal conductivity silicone film.                                
  3. Select the structure of the class heat dissipation, it is inevitable that the thermal conductive silicone film combined with thermal conductive radiator home components in the touch surface of the protrusion and other issues. In the conditions promised by the product planning try to select not thick thermal conductive silicone film. Good thermal conductivity materials, coupled with the correct method of application, in order to make the thermal conductivity silicone film perfect solution to the problem of thermal conductivity of the product.

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