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Adhesives for solar photovoltaic

Solar photovoltaic panels are generally sealed with adhesives such as epoxy resin glue and organic silica gel, both of which have different properties.
1. The solar potting cell photovoltaic panels are placed on the roof of outdoor buildings, requiring excellent anti-aging and UV resistance for various weather conditions.
2. Excellent waterproof protection performance is required for photovoltaic modules during rainy days.
3. At the same time, due to the possible friction between the photovoltaic cell components, it is necessary to play a potting fixed effect.
4. The battery module is sealed to the outer frame.
For the use of solar photovoltaic panels in the outdoor environment, will encounter a variety of uncertain factors. Therefore, the potting adhesive must have excellent performance and stability.We recommend potting adhesive to meet the above requirements. It has the following properties.
  • Excellent potting performance and easy reworking, the adhesive layer is flexible and can effectively reduce the wear and tear caused by friction between modules, and it is easy to remove and cut the adhesive layer when reworking.
  • Excellent ageing and UV resistance, no cracks, adhesion or loss of hardness in a variety of harsh natural and high UV environments over a long period of time.
  • The glue does not harm electronic components and cures without bubbles, has a flat surface, a good gloss and high hardness.

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